The Best LMS for Employee Training, Small Business, or Selling Courses

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Choosing the best LMS platforms largely depends on your situation and needs. Is it internal or external training? Will the training be done on the go or in the office? Are you looking for the best LMS for selling courses?

To help you, we’ve identified the best LMS for employee training, selling courses, and other specific situations.

The Best LMS for Employee Training

TalentLMS: For Employee Training in the Office or at Home

There are two main categories of employee training. You can train your employees in the office or at home, or they can train on the go. If they are training at home or in the office, then they likely have access to a computer.

For this situation, the best LMS for employee training is Talent LMS. It is a desktop LMS that has a great user experience as well as a good administrative experience.

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TalentCards: For Employee Training on the Go

The best LMS platform for employee training on the go is different. It’s Talent Cards. This is our best LMS for employee training because it is mobile. Your employees can access it on their smartphones or tablets with ease.

For easier access to training, your employees can even download lessons and content. This way, they can access lessons even without an Internet connection. This makes Talent Cards especially useful for training in remote areas without an Internet or cellular service.

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The Best LMS for Small Businesses

Kajabi: For Small Businesses

The best option for small businesses is the same as the best LMS for selling courses — Kajabi. We actually recommend this LMS to small businesses, even if you just need internal training. That’s because Kajabi has everything you need and will give you the option of selling courses in the future.

Remember that we are a small business, and we use Kajabi to run our entire business. We have our internal training there as well as the external training that we sell.

…Or Selling Courses

As mentioned, Kajabi is the best LMS for selling courses. This is because of all the features, tools, and functionality built into it. You can use Kajabi to create landing pages, use it as a CRM, run email marketing, manage your website, host webinars, process payments, and more.

By using Kajabi, you can do course creation, marketing, and sales using a single program instead of having to use dozens of different ones. This makes life much easier for you and saves you time and money.

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LearnWorlds: For Selling Courses with SCORM Files

While we typically recommend Kajabi as the best LMS for selling courses, there is one exception. If your course involves SCORM files, then you should use LearnWorlds instead. That is because Kajabi doesn’t support the SCORM file format. Just keep in mind that LearnWorlds’ email marketing is much more basic than what Kajabi offers.

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The best LMS platform will depend on your situation. If you are training employees, you should use Talent LMS or Talent Cards. The former is good for in-office training while the latter is good for training on the go, including in areas without Internet access. If you are a small business or selling your course, we suggest Kajabi. However, you can use LearnWorlds if you are selling your course and also need SCORM file support.



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